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This old and came through my line at work and commented on my Beatles shirt

Him “I bet you don’t even know one of their less popular songs!”
Me “Um…. Okay. I’m actually a pretty huge Beatles fan. *points to George* he is my favourite”
Him “John Lennon is everyone’s favourite!!”
Me “Hahaha.. Omg. No. That’s George”
Him ” George?! *looks confused *”
Me “yeah, George? He invented the backwards solo…. Wrote while my guitar gently weeps? Here comes the sun?? His son looks just like him”
Him “Oh right. George. The one who died of a drug overdose. Yeah, good choice for favourite”
Me ” obviously you need to do your research. He most certainly didn’t die of a drug overdose!!”
Him” I need to do MY research??!! Honey, I went to their first concert in America. I think I’ve lived through their history and I know what I’m talking about” *walks away before I get to say anything *
Hopefully he researched it just out of curiosity or to prove to himself he was right and found out he was schooled by a 20 year old fangirl :)


New to the Beatles? Can’t decide on which Beatle you like the most? Want to find a favorite? Here are some Beatle facts:

John Lennon: 

  • He’s outspoken
  • He’s actually a very nice guy (not a complete prick like most people would make him out to be)
  • He’s a genius (not just a musical genius, but a legit genius)
  • He’s the sexiest
  • He’s actually much more goofier than Ringo
  • He’s quite sarcastic
  • He wrote two books
  • He feels passionately about the injustices in the world and strives to change them
  • He was emotionally neglected as a child and has several demons still with him
  • He tries to mend his failed relationships with Paul, Cynthia, and Julian
  • He almost never had security around him because he trusted people to be kind and respectful towards him
  • He was obsessed with Paul and finely attuned to his music
  • He was quite insecure about himself
  • He treated the women he loved as if they were queens (except later on with Cynthia when they’re personalities began to clash)
  • Apparently, he was also the roughest lover
  • He was also submissive and a stay at home dad in the 70’s

Overall, he was a sweet insecure wanna be macho man who was actually quite soft on the inside. He strived to do what was right, but was so insecure and emotionally distraught that people often took advantage of him. He was a genius and in love with Paul (not romantically, I think).

Paul McCartney:

  • He’s the privatest of the Beatles, he sheltered his emotions about his own mother’s, John, and Linda’s deaths
  • He’s a family man
  • He’s the cutest of the Beatles
  • He’s very feminine (not just in looks)
  • He’s the best husband
  • He adopted Linda’s daughter, Heather, and cared for her as his own (which is rare among men)
  • He’s apparently the best lover
  • His soul mate was Linda
  • He was the most studious, responsible, and logical of all the Beatles
  • He had planned to study as a teacher

Overall, he was quite sheltered developing the bright cheery personality he has. He’s most likely a woman and he’s the perfect husband and family man. He was smart and logical and tried to evade scandal as much as possible (unlike John).

George Harrison:

  • He’s the most caring of the Beatles
  • He actually isn’t quiet at all
  • He created the first concert for charity
  • He’s obsessed with India
  • He’s a good listener (even when people talked about themselves because he loved listening to new perspectives and ideas)
  • He’s the handsomest of the Beatles
  • He’s the kindest of the Beatles (paying for crying fans that were short on money to enter the Cavern Club one night anonymously)
  • He’s apparently the most caring lover
  • He literally went to Sweden to evade the taxman
  • He’s a musical genius
  • He loves God more than anything
  • He wanted Dhani to ditch school to go on adventures with him
  • He told the cops to ‘F*** off’ when they brought Dhani home one day
  • He gave ukuleles to his friends for a ukulele jam out
  • People say that he brought warmth into their lives
  • He maintained a great friendship with his ex wife, Pattie Boyd. 
  • He accepted death with grace and happiness
  • He’s satisfied with himself

Overall, he was the kindest, handsomest, and most caring Beatle. He seemed quiet because he simply didn’t like the fame he achieved and he loved God. He was the best person to meet.  

Ringo Starr:

  • He’s very goofy
  • He’s the adorablest
  • He’s apparently the nicest lover
  • Ringo was the best and most revolutionary drummer
  • He swept George’s affair with Maureen (his wife) right under the carpet and maintained his friendship with him up until the end
  • He tried teaching Dhani the drums, but traumatized him
  • Ringo considered the Beatles as his family and was the peacemaker between them (he was heartbroken when they broke up)

Overall, he was like a child; goofy, unconditionally nice, and a peacemaker. When his family broke up, his heart did as well. He was the greatest drummer and most forgiving Beatle. His heart was as big as his nose.

Which one do you like now?

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