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I believe I love my guitar more than the others love theirs. For John and Paul, songwriting is pretty important and guitar playing is a means to an end. While they’re making up new tunes I can thoroughly enjoy myself just doodling around with a guitar for a whole evening. I’m fascinated by new sounds I can get from different instruments I try out. I’m not sure that makes me particularly musical. Just call me a guitar fanatic instead, and I’ll be satisfied.

This old and came through my line at work and commented on my Beatles shirt

Him “I bet you don’t even know one of their less popular songs!”
Me “Um…. Okay. I’m actually a pretty huge Beatles fan. *points to George* he is my favourite”
Him “John Lennon is everyone’s favourite!!”
Me “Hahaha.. Omg. No. That’s George”
Him ” George?! *looks confused *”
Me “yeah, George? He invented the backwards solo…. Wrote while my guitar gently weeps? Here comes the sun?? His son looks just like him”
Him “Oh right. George. The one who died of a drug overdose. Yeah, good choice for favourite”
Me ” obviously you need to do your research. He most certainly didn’t die of a drug overdose!!”
Him” I need to do MY research??!! Honey, I went to their first concert in America. I think I’ve lived through their history and I know what I’m talking about” *walks away before I get to say anything *
Hopefully he researched it just out of curiosity or to prove to himself he was right and found out he was schooled by a 20 year old fangirl :)

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